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At Image Quest Productions and Photography, we have been in the videography and photography business for over 25 years. We are dedicated to bringing you the best possible coverage of your event, whether that be a wedding, religious event, party, business meeting, training video, educational video, or music video. Our team prides itself on being unobtrusive while we capture the essence of your event.

We can tailor your needs to fit your budget, and we will always meet with you to discuss every aspect of your project. 




The owner, Tony Lacroix started taking pictures at the age of ten when he was given a Kodak X-15 Instamatic for his birthday, which he still has in his collection of cameras.

In his first year of high school, Tony became interested in television at the school's microwave television station. Working in many capacities,  he was a production assistant in many videos produced by the school and a director of a short video of Ernest Hemingway's "One Man Over The Bridge". He was later a student at Columbia College studying film, where he worked on student films in many capacities.

He currently volunteers at Chicago Public Access Corp. as a producer and director since 1991, contributing to the creation of over 1200 talk, entertainment
shows and documentaries.





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On top of art photography, we shoot special events, parties, and rooms for interior decorators. We aim for a  photojournalism approach, letting you create the look - all we do is wait for that look and capture it. 


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We at Image Quest Productions take the utmost care in producing your production. 
We will sit down with you and plan out all the aspects of your production. 


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Our approach is to see through the eyes of your guests and capture all of the details that you would see as you arrive and throughout the day. We are absolutely unobtrusive and will capture your memories as you create them. 


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Thanks so much for being everywhere in our wedding. We have some action shots of you that are priceless. You were into every spin and turn we made on the dance floor. You were polite, courteous and thoughtful in person and over the phone. Thanks for asking about all the details. It goes to show that class does not go out of style it only gets better. - Yuval and Lori

Thank you so much for your professionalism and thoroughness as you captured our wedding ceremony and reception.

You were easy to work with and friendly to everyone at our event. It made people feel comfortable to be on video. You were also unobtrusive as you worked and you  managed to capture special moments. We are so pleased with the final DVD.

-Jocelyn and Jack

Recently I needed a short demo video as a marketing piece for my business. I explained the concept for my video to Mr. Lacroix. He was genuinely excited at my ideas, and added several of his own due to his experience with the media. 

I must say that the day of the video shoot went smoother than I imagined, and Mr. Lacroix was a good coach for me as I am rarely on the other side of the camera. The DVD exceeded my expectations in all areas. The lighting was balanced and color-corrected, the sound is perfect, and the editing is amazing. Mr. Lacroix added some awesome cuts to photos and other items that just tie into the video perfectly. I am going to need another video for another aspect of my business in the future, and I will absolutely call Image Quest and Mr. Lacroix for my next video.





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